Liquidity Disco

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    Kingston, JM
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    Dance · Dancehall · Electronica · Hip-Hop · House · Pop · R&B · Rap · Reggae · Soca · Top 40


Liquidity Disco was conceptualized and founded in the year 1998 by a group of students in Kingston, Jamaica from The Wolmers’ Boys High School forth form group. The initial members of Liquidity Disco consist of Eddie ‘Biscoty’, Odave ‘Kid Kapone’, Kristopher ‘Kalindo’, Rory ‘Spliff’, Jerome ‘Emorej’, and Omar ‘Syclone’.

The name Liquidity Disco as a group of DJ’s has since grown to become renown for creating remixes, releasing CD’s and mixing with a unique vibe that can not be found elsewhere.

The organization has expanded over the years as new members joined and migrated to different parts of the world and now covers bases primarily in Kingston Jamaica, Miami Florida and Toronto Canada.

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